Loretta Chase: The Scoundrels (Buchserie)

Die Scoundrels-Serie ist nur zum Teil auf Deutsch erhältlich. Weitere Infos folgen, sobald ich den Teil gelesen habe. Die Serie ist auch bekannt unter dem Namen „Débauchés“ und sollte eigentlich gar keine Serie werden. Aber ein Buch jagte das Nächste und so entstand die Serie.

Die einzelnen Teile der Serie:

  1. The Lion’s Daughter
  2. Captives of the Night
  3. Gezähmt im Bett der Lady, OT: Lord of Scoundrels, Historical Gold 264
  4. The Last Hellion
  5. Drei Hochzeiten und ein Abschiedskuss/Liebe und Wahnsinn, OT:Tree Weddings and a Kiss, The Mads The Mad Earl’s Bride

Die Inhalte der Teile:

The Lion’s Daughter

Gorgeous, stubborn Esme Brentmor, daughter of a disgraced lord, is used to a wild, dangerous life among the tribes of Albania, to whom her father is the legendary, controversial Red Lion whose death she’s courageously vowed to avenge –even if it leads to her own. Instead, her quest finds her rescued by the most unlikely (and very reluctant) hero! Lazy and spoiled, Lord Varian St. George has gambled away his heritage and lives on his considerable looks, charm and wits. All he wants is the good life, and instead, he finds himself in rough country, with a tempestuous whirlwind of a female who’s as savage as he’s civilized. How did this termagant become his responsibility? And how can he escape?! Yet as he and Esme plunge headlong into even more peril, he may surprise even his own jaded self and become the man that Esme (foolishly) believes he is!

© CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Captives of the Night

When the intriguing Comte d’Esmond enters a room, women swoon and men gnash their teeth. The count is fully accustomed to this reaction—and brilliant at exploiting it. What he isn’t prepared for is Leila Beaumont. One look from her tawny eyes is dangerously captivating. How…troublesome. Esmond can’t afford the distraction of an entanglement, however passionate it promises to be. He’s supposed to be working— for the British government! —and his employers want Leila’s corrupt and treacherous husband brought to justice. When the spouse, unsurprisingly and conveniently, gets himself murdered, all Esmond has to do is clear Leila of suspicion and proceed to the next assignment. But not being hanged for her husband’s murder isn’t enough for Leila. She wants to learn the truth—all of it—from Esmond, a man who’s been lying all his life.

© Berkley Sensation Spotlight

Gezähmt im Bett der Lady

Ausgerechnet der Marquess of Dain, dieser berüchtigte Schurke, lässt sie vor Verlangen erbeben. Dabei hat Jessica die weite Reise nach Paris nur angetreten, um ihren unglückseligen Bruder vor dem Ruin zu retten, der ihm in der Gesellschaft Lord Dains droht. Aber etwas an diesem zügellosen, unergründlichen Mann berührt ihr Herz. Als Dain sie in aller Öffentlichkeit in die Arme reißt und aufreizend küsst, ist es um sie – und ihren Ruf – geschehen. Jessica, die sich wider alle Vernunft in den skandalösen Marquess verliebt hat, wartet auf seinen Antrag. Vergebens! Da ersinnt sie einen gewagten Plan …

© Cora Verlag

The Last Hellion

Vere Mallory, the Duke of Ainswood, has everything–he’s titled, he’s rich, he’s devastatingly good looking–and he seems determined to throw it all away. Disreputable, reckless, and wild, the last of the Mallory hellions is racing headlong to self-destruction…until a mind numbingly beautiful blonde Amazon knocks him off his feet–literally. Lydia Grenville is dedicated to protecting London’s downtrodden. Dissolute noblemen like Ainswood are part of the problem, not the solution. She would like him to get his big, gorgeous carcass out of her way so that she can carry on with her work. The problem is, Ainswood can no more resist a challenge, especially in female form, than he can resist the trouble she seems to attract. If they can only weather their personal firestorm they might survive the real danger that threatens all they hold dear.

© Avon Historical Romance

Drei Hochzeiten und ein Abschiedskuss/ Liebe und Wahnsinn (4 Bücher in einem)

Gwendolyn Adams isn’t shocked at being asked to save a handsome earl’s dying line, even when she learns the prospective bridegroom is seriously ill and possibly insane. She’s quite a good nurse, after all, and her family is famous for producing healthy male children. Those stories about his riding the moors half-naked on a pale white horse? Extremely intriguing—especially after she gets her first look at the gorgeous lunatic. The Earl of Rawnsley wants only to lose what’s left of his mind in peace and privacy. But his busybody relatives have saddled him with a surprise bride and orders to sire an heir forthwith. (And they say he’s mad?) But with Gwendolyn, his health is returning, and his resistance … crumbling. Is it possible that love is the finest madness of all? 

© Avon Historical Romance
  • Verlag: Goldmann
  • Sprache: Deutsch
  • ISBN-10: 3442436206
  • ISBN-13: 978-3442436200

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